A failed mother, parent or a mentor??!

I didn’t realize how much I have failed as a parent, a mother or a mentor until my daughter graduated to grade 1.

The worksheets, the ‘to-be by-hearted’ lessons, the homework’s. All this suddenly becomes ‘too much’.

While I try to calm myself explaining the ‘how to’s’ to her, I have actually known how much anger is inside me.

The ‘desperate’ look on her face, asking me how many more are yet to be done, makes my head and heart ache.

For the past three days, I have been tired! Frustrated! Hurt!

Tired, because I have hardly slept each night.

Frustrated because, I have had to handle so much stress.

Hurt, because I have yelled at my kids, without them literally doing nothing.

Sometimes, I feel like, the academic system here might have been prepared as ‘fit-for-all ages’, but not for all ‘academical-challenges’.

Children with speech-delay, children who are academically challenged, children with special needs are still struggling. Because they too get the same worksheet as the ‘above average’ student.

I am totally tired for hearing, ‘you should make her practice the letters each day’, or ‘make her write and read’, or ‘my child learned all those letters with this rhyme’ suggestions.

I have tried! Every parent tries! Literally every single one of the solutions that people say are being used by parents to help their children learn.

But, unfortunately, some kids still take time to learn. I have many teachers as friends. They all say, ‘every child has their own pace’. But SOME of them fail at understanding the ‘pace-thing’ when the ‘academically-challenged’ kid is in their class, struggling with every alphabet they read or write.

This, however, doesn’t mean that teachers are cold. They are kind and very helpful. And they are human too. Like I get completely MAD, when my kid makes the same mistake twice when writing an alphabet, a teacher can be frustrated too. It’s absolutely NORMAL.

Any how, what is NOT OKAY for me are the syllabuses. The alphabets and phonics are being repeatedly taught from baby nursery to Upper Kinder-Garden. And then, because of the EXTRA-AWAKENING syllabus at grade 1, the children are expected to magically, be able to read and write too.!According to the syllabus, a child is to be able to learn how to read and write, before graduating to key-stage two (grade 4 and above). But, every child (who can identify an alphabet or not) still has to read the same level of books and do the same level of worksheets or class-works as the kid who knows how to read and write.

Ah. May be one could say, I’m just saying this because my kid is having the same issues. But no! This is because a lot of parents, has shared this very same problem with me. And many of the student educators!

So, what is the main problem here?

Have I failed as a mother or a mentor?

Have the system failed us?

I don’t know who, but one thing I know is, this is directing us towards a failure!


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